Are office coffee shops the secret to getting us back to the office?

Are office coffee shops the secret to getting us back to the office?

Are office coffee shops the secret to getting us back to the office?

With many offices beginning to fill up once more, the conversation about the return to the office seems never ending. Whilst the pandemic had taught organisations a lot about adapting to solve problems over the past year and a half, many are still stumped when it comes to incentivising employees back to the office.


After all, we’ve proved we can work well from home over a long period of time - so why should people come back to the office? And are office coffee shops the secret to getting us back to the office?


Why should we go back to the office?


Whilst it’s up to every organization to provide a safe plan for the path back to the office, it’s easy to think ‘why bother?’ What’s so bad about home work. Well, nothing. Home working has solved many of the logistical problems of the pandemic, however, it has created a few of its own. 


Zoom links not working, internet cutting out, children accidentally entering meetings - we’ve all seen how working from home can be tough. So what can we look forward to as we return to our offices?


How can employers incentivise office working?


With most employers favouring a blended approach to home and office working, how can employers incentivise office working? How can you make the office more appealing to those who have become accustomed to the freedom of home working?


  1. Provide time for creative thinking and unstructured work

This allows employees to feel valued and in turn, more able to come up with great ideas.

  1. Have an area for breakout chats, meetings and socialising

Rather than a small cupboard or meeting room, investing in a nice place for employees to meet and socialise, such as a workplace cafe, solves the problems of home working like not having enough space or quiet places to work effectively.

  1. Keep the team motivated

The past year and a half has been tough, with professional and personal pressure at an all time high. Keeping your staff motivated can be as simple as providing great coffee and food options and showing that you care about their time at work.



What do office workers really want?


Above all, office workers have found a new love for independent, semi-structured and creative working patterns. What does that mean? Workers value the trust and freedom to break free from their desks when they need to - and a well placed coffee shop provides the ideal place to do so.


Office workers want a place they can take clients or host meetings as well as catch up with coworkers in the way they’ve missed over the pandemic. More than anything, it’s about having a place to socialise within the workplace and being able to connect with one another in ways Zoom just can’t facilitate.


Find out more?


Fancy finding out more about The Good Coffee Company? Or perhaps investing in an office coffee shop for your workplace?


We handle the whole process, from designing your unique coffee shop to running it with our friendly baristas. Contact us today to find out more about what we can offer for your space.

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