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Is the office over? How A Workplace Coffee Shop Could Bring The Buzz Back To Your Office

Is the office over? How A Workplace Coffee Shop Could Bring The Buzz Back To Your Office

The past year and a half has changed a lot of things, not least, the way we work and where we work. But is the office as we know it officially over? Will we ever go back to 9-5 office hours? With over one million people set to keep working from home indefinitely - employers needs to find a way to bring the office back to life. 


An office coffee shop is about more than the coffee


To put it simply: good coffee is about more than just beans and water. Having a friendly barista who knows their way around a real machine and the best beans can really make your day. 


Having some time to sit down, relax with colleagues and enjoy a great cup of coffee is special. It's definitely what we’ve all been missing whilst working from home for over a year. 


Well fed employees are happy employees


While working from home has the upper hand on proximity to food - a workplace coffee shop wins on taste, quality and convenience every time.


Employees rate having quality snacks, drinks and treats close by - and where better than a workplace cafe to relax for a while? Our cakes, treats, snacks and sandwiches are made fresh, using the best ingredients by our partners at Social Bite. 


For around £75 per employee per year, a workplace cafe is the perfect employee perk that people actually want. And with the ability to create company accounts, you can treat your employees to their daily coffee and make things cashless and simple. Want to find out more about getting a coffee shop in your office? Get in touch today.


The office needs to change, here’s how


We’re not going to pretend the 9-5 office life is for everyone - or even that it doesn’t need to change. If that pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that working environments are key to job satisfaction - and how welcoming the office is can be a huge part of that. 


Gone are the days of spending eight hours chained to your desk in a lifeless cubicle, the modern workforce is a perfect blend of people with different personalities and ideas to bring to the table. Collaboration is the new presentation - and workplaces need to do a lot more to bring out the best in their employees and make their company a desirable place to work. An office coffee shop can facilitate that and more. 


A coffee shop provides a neutral space, away from monitors and inboxes, where the five generations in the workplace can meet, bond and share ideas. It’s where great pitches are thought of, where new clients are won and where employees can unwind. The coffee shop is the best office perk you could think of, and it’s more affordable than you think.


Good coffee, good people, good for the planet


Good coffee doesn’t just taste good - it does good too. That’s why here at The Good Coffee Company, we source suppliers who care about the planet just as much as we do. That means social organisations and B-Corps such as Social Bite and Dear Green. All of our tasty food is cooked fresh in the Social Bite central kitchen while our delicious coffee comes from sustainably harvested farms and roasted with care. 


That means we can trace every cake, coffee bean or sandwich back to its origins to stay on top of ethics and quality. And your employees can enjoy their coffee whilst knowing everyone is being paid fairly for the important work they do. It’s all quite nice when you think about it, really. 


Want to find out more?


Does your own office coffee shop sound like just what your business needs? Why not give us a call today? With an area of just four square metres, we can create something truly special. 


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