Is Coffee Actually Bad For You? The Surprising Health Benefits of a Good Cup of Coffee

Is Coffee Actually Bad For You? The Surprising Health Benefits of a Good Cup of Coffee

There’s rarely been a newspaper printed without news of new research on the benefits or risks of coffee? Yes, too much caffeine is bad for us - but are there any health benefits when it comes to our favourite hot drink? Good news - the answer is yes! 

Here are just a few benefits of coffee and in particular, why having a cafe in your place of work (especially one that serves ethically sourced, expertly roasted Dear Green coffee) could help your workforce thrive physically and mentally. 

Coffee can boost your physical performance

We all know that sluggish feeling after lunch when you’d rather be doing, well, just about anything other than that one thing you’re supposed to do. Coffee changes that, boosting physical performance. Caffeine, the active ingredient in a cup of great coffee, helps your body feel energised by producing adrenaline - the body’s fight or flight chemical. What could be better for inspiration, motivation and creativity? 

A delicious cup of Dear Green coffee after lunch is the perfect pick me up - that’s why we only serve the best in our coffee shops. They are a certified B-Corp, meaning they care just as much as us about making the coffee industry more fair. Not only do your employees get to drink good coffee - their coffee does good too..

Coffee can help you stay more alert 

This one seems obvious - and it is, but coffee is the secret ingredient to feeling more than a zombie at your desk. But instead of a gross keg of a whatever blend, an in-house coffee shop allows your employees to enjoy a decent cup of coffee and wake up for the day just right. 

Scientists have even found that moderate caffeine intake actually helps the human body feel more alert, not to mention the boost on endorphins that come from a brisk walk to get your coffee and stepping away from your desk. 

Coffee and antioxidants - is coffee good for you?

Yup, coffee is actually good for the body. Well, it certainly contains antioxidants your body needs. 

Vitamin B2 helps our nervous system ticking over and can even help the body release the energy from food. 

Magnesium keeps everything working as it should be. From helping with nerves and muscles to controlling our blood sugar - Magnesium is a wonder chemical that is found in coffee.

Of course, there are many factors involved in a healthy lifestyle - and even we can’t pin it all on coffee - but the physical and social benefits of a workplace cafe are enormous. Especially after a year of working from home - any time spent socialising in the workplace is more precious than ever. 

Encourages relaxation within the workplace 

Meetings which, ‘should have been emails’ no longer exist when they’re taken over a great cup of coffee or a tasty treat is involved. Creating a space for your office which allows genuine connections to flourish is a win-win for business. Employees favour relaxed breakout spaces to relax and meet in, which in turn leads to more organic creativity and the beginnings of brilliant ideas.

Social interaction is the key to great workplace relationships and better work - and it all starts with great coffee. When was the last time you came up with a great idea in a sterile work cubicle? 

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