5 Benefits of Having A Workplace Cafe

With offices needing to change to meet the needs of five generations in the workplace who all like to work differently, change is coming. Employees no longer want to spend their working days chained to their desk, separated from their coworkers and working in a vacuum.

A lively workplace cafe which fits into your existing space is the perfect solution to bring the buzz back into your workplace. Here are a few of the benefits.

1. Workplace cafes foster community

Cafes are the heart of any office which has one - just like how the kitchen is the heart of the home. Bringing your staff together in a central environment does wonders for team building, allowing them to meet and share ideas outside the confines of a cubicle-filled office.

Employees value space to be creative at work - and it can have massive benefits for them too. Creating spaces in the office for your team to thrive goes way beyond office gimmicks, employees value the time and space to socialise - not ping pong tables.

2. They inspire creativity and focus

A great cup of coffee is the kickstart to every great idea and the casual setting of a coffee with colleagues can be the beginning of many great projects. In fact, coffee is known to inspire the creative process and is a part of many people’s daily routine.

As Maria Konnikova wrote in a New Yorker article looking at the science behind coffee and creativity, “Creative insights and imaginative solutions often occur when we stop working on a particular problem and let our mind move on to something unrelated.”

Providing your employees with a neutral meeting space outside of their regular working environment can help improve collective focus and be the meeting point where great ideas begin. Who ever came up with a million dollar idea in a bleak office cubicle? 

3. A well fed team is a functioning team

We all know that hangry feeling when a meeting (which could have been an email) goes on way past lunchtime. Or how it feels to sit through a presentation with the lackluster instant coffee that’s been sitting in the flask for hours. With a lively workplace cafe, these issues become a thing of the past.

We also know that being hungry is scientifically proven to make you less able to make decisions. So having a well fed team is key to maximum employee productivity and happiness.

4. Employees want ethically sourced food and drink

With consumers becoming increasingly aware of where their produce comes from, more and more people are keen to make the ethical choice when it comes to their morning cuppa.

The best coffee is sustainably harvested from bean to cup. With The Good Coffee Company, we only use Dear Green coffee beans. They’re a certified B Corp company and feel just as strongly as us about making the coffee industry fairer for all involved.

With a selection of simple and tasty sandwiches, finger food and sweet treats which are handmade in the Social Bite Kitchen, your workplace cafe will become the new go-to meeting place for your teams. And because Social Bite is on a mission to end homelessness, you can be sure that the food does good and tastes good.

5. Embrace modern working with a workplace cafe

You might have heard that the traditional office is on the way out. We have other ideas. Recognising and embracing the modern workplace is the key to making it a productive, creative environment. A vibrant workplace cafe is key to bringing the buzz back to your office.

With more than five generations working alongside each other in the workplace, bridging the generational gap and embracing more flexible working patterns all starts with a workplace cafe where employees can socialise, work and share joy over great coffee.

Get in touch today to find out about installing your workplace cafe today.